Wanted, ThumbGen Expert!

I use ThumbGen along with the Mojo Theme to create movie sheets for my WDTV SMP.  The writer of the program has opened up the program code and it has gone “Open Source”. Currently there is a problem with the way Thumbgen collects some of the data for TV Shows, i.e. Genre, Actors, Category and Company. 

The ThumbGen Bugs forum has several people pleading unsuccessfully for the writer to rewrite a small section of ThumbGen so this feature will work again.

Several posters have asked for ThumbGen to be fixed, all unsuccessfully!  Usually the writer replies on this “ThumbGen Bugs” forum but there has been no response from them for a couple of weeks now!

Is there someone out there who is much smarter than I am and able to ‘fix’ ThumbGen so it is running properly again for TV Shows?

good luck,

but yes, if anybody is able and willing it would be nice

so you’ll need to have knowledge of .net framework

and submit the patches

then while most of the code is open source, the devil is in the details

the encoding library is closed source, thumbgen has a single developer license

so once patches are submitted, he’ll still has to add the encoding library and run the final build

sorry to be a downer :frowning:

somebody please prove me wrong

Does anyone know where “ThumbGen” may be?

Would be great if someone could fix this.

Can anyone recommend a great info gathering program which does both IMDB and TVDB?  It only takes a short time to fill in the ‘missing’ info in ThumbGen but it can take a while to hunt down the Director of that particular episode.

Any recommendations most welcome.

I have tried several forums now and even sent ThumbGen a ‘message’ on his Bugs website, all without any luck!

A final plea, can anyone out there help to get ThumbGen working properly again so it collects all (not just most) but all TV Show information?

Thankyou in anticipation!