Movie Sheets

I don’t know if this is bad etiquette.  If it is, let me know and I apologize.

If you would like to see movie sheets added in the future, give my suggestion for movie sheets a vote here.  Maybe we can make enough noise for WD to notice.


Very good idea. Especially since it has already been done in custom firmware versions.

This could also be integrated with the live IMDB info retrieval.

I’ll post you idea link on the IMDB integration idea page. So people vote for yours too!

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Thank you onewoodguy, I had been thinking about asking a question about this. The ability to get movie info. on the fly. I have a moderately sized collection movie videos on my hdd which I stream thru the wdtv live hd to my tv. This collection is constantly changing because after I watch a movie I generally delete it and I am always adding more. I have tried to use b-rad but because I am not as computer skilled as some it has not worked for me. and besides I think  that using it (b-rad) along with thumbgen you still have to download the info your self for each move, if I am interpreting what b-rad and thumbgen does correctly. If I am wrong please let me know.

That’s the idea, lartomar2002.

Update, thanks to all the help of the great people at I now have b-rad and thumbgen working. I still have a lot to learn about manipulating thumbgen but at least now I can generate some basic msheets. but, I am with you this would be a great addition to wdtv live firmware or maybe b-rad might be working on something for a future update of his firmware, the guy is a genius.

I’d switch to b-rad’s fw myself, if it supported DVD menus.  I’ve got a lot of TV series that I ripped as .isos, and, to me, the DVD menuing is more important than movie sheets, hence my staying with official fw.  If b-rad updates to 1.03.49 or later, I’ll probably switch.

I agree totally, when will movie sheets be added to the WDTV? Any dates on this?

also any help on doing it myself?



you can bet that when they do add movie sheets it will be on a new machine you will have to buy and not a firmware update for existing machines. i hope i’m wrong.