Using Plex/ Bubble UPNP with WD My Cloud 2TB

Hi guys

I have a WD My Cloud 2TB …want to add Plex Media Server, and then stream videos to my Chromecast, is this possible, and anyone got any idea on the best way for me to do this ? Someone advised me to use BubbleUPNP rather than Plex - any advice much appreciated.

Thanks so much

Plex is not officially supported (by either WD or Plex) on the entry level WD My Cloud devices. There is, currently, no install module on the WD My Cloud Dashboard for entry level WD My Cloud Devices like here is on certain more expensive (higher end) WD devices.

There are several prior threads discussing Bubble UPnP, and other DLNA servers on the lower end WD My Clouds, I could list them but its easier if you do a search in the search box above for “Bubble UPnP” and you’ll find several past threads with much discussion on that software. There are also several threads, again do a search usign teh search box above, discussing “Kodi” as well and options to use Kodi to stream from a WD My Cloud.

The main problem with the lower end WD My Cloud devices is the low horsepower processor and low amount of RAM. Even Plex indicates that transcoding, a core feature of Plex, isn’t supported on even those WD My CLoud units that have Plex installable modules. Seet this Plex link and this one for more information.