Does ChromCast work with MyCloud Yet?

Ive seen a few topics on this but no solutions. I have an email into support and I have found a youtube video saying its possible to use ChromeCast to watch videos on the MyCloud. here is the link I couldnt find the “bubble” app he was talking about. Maybe this will help someone else. Has anyone figured out how to watch Mycloud Movies on chromecast?

Not sure why the Chromecast wouldn’t work with the My Cloud. Generally one can cast any media from the My Cloud so long as the media player app on their mobile device or PC can cast the media being played.

Bubble UPnP:
BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast:
videoCast for Chromecast (DLNA / UPnP):
AllCast Updated With DLNA Server Support - Cast Media Stored On A DLNA Server Directly To A Chromecast Using Your Android Device:

More links…
LocalCast for Chromecast/DLNA:
Chromecast gets a lot more useful with the addition of 10 new apps:

Any app that has built-in Chromecast capability and can also play from drives and/or a NAS on home network can be used to cast videos, music and photos to Chromecast/TV. My favorite iOS app for doing this flawlessly is called File Browser; definitely worth the $6 for app, because app has been around a few years and frequently is updated by maker.

In addition to those suggested already there is also ES File Explorer. They have a separate Chromecast Player app that allows you to cast almost anything.

I initially went the chromecast route and apps on Android until I found out about Simply awesome, install the software (Plex Media Server) on a PC and you can watch whatever you want on almost anything including Chromecast.