PLEX on MyCloud EX2 Ultra - "The Server is not powerful enough to convert video"

Hello, WD Community and WD group.

I just purchased a WD Cloud EX2 Ultra 8TB to store and run my moves on. I had been running PLEX Server on my desktop computer and my movies were on an external USB Drive. I thought by buying the WD Cloud EX2 Ultra drive and connecting it directly to my router that this would improve performance even though I really did not have a performance issue in my current setup. So I loaded all my videos on the drive and then installed the PLEX App choosing the MyCloud EX2 Ultra when installing it. I set it up and after a day it finally completed reading all the movies.

Now I run the App PLEX on my Amazon Firestick as I did before. And every movie that I select I get a message “The server is not powerful enough to convert video” I have tried every setting posable and still get the message. Since Western Digital shows PLEX running in one of the photos on their advertisements I assumed it would work and was the purpose of buying the drive. Also since PLEX is listed as an App in the MyCloud App Store I again assume this should work. Please, can someone tell me what’s up? Will this work or not or is there an update needed?

Thank you very much for your time and comments.

The Plex Version is 1723878
The Firmware of the Drive shows up to date. Version 2.30.196

@MikeAdkins While someone may be able to help you here in My Cloud Home-Personal Cloud Storage, you may want to place this topic in this forum for Network Attached Storage.

the ex2 ultra does not support hardware transcoding. Due to this if the videos are in a format not supported by your device the video will not be transcoded and therefore will not play and you will get that message. To stream without transcoding your content will need to be compatible with the host. I have never used a fire stick but my guess is H.264 is a supported codec.

For hardware transcoding on the NAS you would need to look at the PR series NAS products.

AS a work around you can install PLEX on your computer and then point the PLEX libraries to the EX2 Ultra as the storage location for your content. This will basically use your computer as the PLEX server which will have enough power to trascode the videos.

Correct, the NAS is not suited for transcoding on the fly.

  1. You definitely posted in the wrong forum it should have been in the EX2 forum

  2. My WD DL series is a NAS like yours, and I can play videos (just about any format) using Fire Stick to TV, AND the proper media player installed in the stick, The problem is all about the stick or media file format and not the NAS.

You have to have the best media player installed on the Fire stick. Kodi is one of these players, but there also is another version of it called Mr.MC ( and is an Amazon-approved store app. I have both apps but prefer Mr.MC as it is easier to install and use, and is designed for Fire TV.

I can play mp4 and ISO (video) files with either player.when player is set for Windows SMB shares. I never use the Media Server section of the apps. DLNA media servers cannot play ISO files.

Tell me about the player you are using on Fire tv and what file formats you want to play.

Another app installed on Fire TV that will work is VLC. It plays most of the standard video formats including ISO files. I have not used it much on Fire TV so cannot attest to its performance compared to the other two above apps.

I use Kodi on my firestick with MyCloud, MyCloud Mirror (Gen 1) and MyCloud EX2 (not ultra) servers. Don’t have any problems at all with any common video formats. (Interestingly, though, it won’t play WAV audio files, just MP3 - go figure). I don’t use PLEX but I’m surprized you’re having these problems. Try Kodi - you’ll have to sideload it.

The loading of Kodi is not simple as compared to MrMC which is a derivative of Kodi by Kodi programmers. Again, I recommend MrMC app over Kodi for most people. for its ease to install and family friendly UI.