Plex Server on WD My Cloud / My Cloud OS 3?

I thought I read that Plex Server would be available on the WD My Cloud once My Cloud OS 3 was rolled out. Does anyone know of Plex is still planning on supporting the WD My Cloud with My Cloud OS 3?



Plex is NOT currently officially supported on the single drive My Cloud units. This issue has been covered in a few other threads. The single drive My Cloud units do not currently have the ability through the Dashboard to officially add third party modules like the EX2, EX4 and other more expensive units can do.

Is anyone aware on an “unofficial” implementation method for Plex? I run Plex on a standalone Ubuntu box accessing the media stored on MyCloud. I do not use the embedded Twonky server - it seems to be lacking when compared to Plex. Love to move Plex to MyCloud and consolidate…