Plex on MyCloudGen1

Is it possible to get a Plex server app running on MyCloud GEN1? I am a windows guy but I can install a Linx OS if the instructions are clear. WD said it was not possible, but I don’t believe them. I did a proof of concept that works great by doing the following:
Installed plex on my desktop PC,
From MyCloud Public mapped \MEDIA to DRIVE A on the PC. (note it must be a drive letter not a file name).
Set the Plex server on my PC to find the metadata and waited a couple of hours.
As long as my PC is ON it drives the ROKU adapter on my TV using the plex channel.(works great)
I want to eliminate the PC link by installing a PLEX server on MyCoud (gen1)
Any help would be appreciated.

Have a look at the previous discussion about Plex and MyCloud:
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Officially WD does not support Plex on the single bay My Cloud units. If you want WD official support for Plex then buy a multibay My Cloud model (Mirror or higher).

Unofficially, and absolutely not supported by WD, it may be possible to run a Plex server on a single bay My Cloud unit. The directions for the first gen My Cloud unit is not the same as the directions for the second gen My Cloud unit. If you perform forum search, magnifying glass icon upper right, you’ll find numerous past discussions on attempting to get Plex running on a single bay My Cloud.

In particular see this post:

Also note that transcoding is basically not supported (per Plex) on most of the My Cloud models.

Finally, using SSH may potentially void the My Cloud warranty as will installing unsupported modules/apps into the single bay units.

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