Using external usb enclosure to access my files

Hi all,

I bought this product :

WD 2TB My personal cloud. I was using it for some backups, stopped using it because it was super slow over network. A few days ago I decided to get a external USB enclosure for the drive, throw it in and start using it that way. The problem is, both my mac and windows pc can’t read the drive. I don’t want to erase what is on the WD Red, I’d like to access the files before I reformat it. Is this possible? Or am I SoL.

It’s formatted with linux ext3/ext4 file systems, so you’ll need a driver.

Try Paragon’s Extfs driver; copy the data off during the free trial period, then format the HDD with a native Windows filing system.

Option: Use “Partition Wizard Home” and convert Ext4 partition with data to NTFS (Or exFat).
Also - you can delete unused partitions with this tool (And extend data partition)

Define “super slow”? Did you run any sort of benchmarking software (like Crystal Disk Mark: to determine the actual read/write speed you were achieving across your local network?

Before opening up the enclosure to remove the hard drive you may want to take a moment to read through the following discussion:

Its important to understand what the My Cloud is. It is a network attached storage device. Your copy speed will be dependent on several factors including your computer/device hardware, your local network setup including the use of or lack of using Gigabit networking, using WiFi, etc. Often slow copy speeds can be attributed to not using Gigabit networking and copying across a WiFi connection.

If you do decide to remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure than as indicated above you can use the Paragon EXTFS driver to read the Linux formatted partitions on teh My Cloud drive to copy the data off the drive, then re-partition and reformat the drive into a more suitable format like NTFS if using Windows. Often people will use a Linux boot disc/live CD (like that from Ubuntu for example) to read and backup the drive once removed from the My Cloud.