How to re-purpose drive from Mycloud enclosure


Over the weekend my Mycloud drive repeatedly had problems connecting to my network, it would stop and start eventually completely stopped connecting. It is a little over 3 years old, so out of warranty. I decided to take it out of the mycloud enclosure to see if I can get the data off and as I type this data is being transferred from the drive to my computer using an external connection. I installed disk internals linux reader to read and move the files over.

My question is assuming everything moves over, and it appears the drive is good and it was just the controller card that went bad in the mycloud enclosure, I am looking for suggestions out how to re-purpose the drive.

If I format the drive can I simply put it in a regular enslosure and use it as a usb drive?
Can I get an empty NAS elclosure and put the drive in it without doing anything major to it?

I am looking for suggestions


Yes, you can repurpose the drive by formatting it depending on your needs. It is a standard SATA drive. NO special software needed.

Yes. You would however probably need to repartition and reformat the drive however. The single bay My Cloud units typically use a WD Red SATA desktop hard drive.

If you put the drive into another companies NAS enclosure chances are you will have to repartition and reformat the drive to work within that NAS enclosure.

Before doing anythign drastic like removing the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure you should do a little troubleshooting (if you haven’t already) to figure out if the problem really is confined to the My Cloud and not caused by something else on the local network.

Try connecting the My Cloud direct to a computer and see if the problems continue.
If using AT&T Uverse or one of the routers mentioned in the following WD Support Knowledgebase article the workaround is to put a switch between the My Cloud and router.

Obviously if removing the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure one can attach it to a computer and copy the data off the drive before one sets about repartitioning and reformatting the hard drive. One would need to either use Linux or install Linux drivers to read Linux formatted hard drives in Windows.

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The drive is already out of the enclosure and data is currently transferring so I am assuming it was the controller card inside the enclosure that was causing the issues. If were to purchase an empty MY CLOUD EXPERT SERIES EX2 ULTRA enclosure can you tell me if I would just be able to pop the drive into the enclosure, or would I need to go through an entire process to make the drive useable in that enclosure?

Thanks for any help you can give

Read the EX2 Ultra user manual which should explain how to properly configure a drive that is installed into the EX2 Ultra enclosure.