Use My Cloud as externl hard drive

I am now using WD My Cloud as intended but I want to convert it to a simple external hard drive so that I can manually back up when I wish. I am using an iMac with Yosemite 10.10. I do not like Time Machine; I want to use SuperDuper but that application does not “see” the My Cloud drive, nor can Disc Utility see it. If I could see it in Disc Utlity I would Mount it and then erase the My Cloud software and re-format it as a hard drive. How can I do that?


Currently, WD My Cloud is not designed to be use connected directly to the computer through a USB port.

You will need a different drive to run a backup directly connected to your computer

Read the User Manual.

P21 ‘Getting Started Without the Online Setup Installer’ P23 shows you how to connect the MyCloud as an external drive using Finder.

Bear in mind that it will be significantly slower to access than a USB disk drive.

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Have a 4TB My Cloud. Its a horrible product and a waste of time. I would just like to use my $200 “investment” as a regular hard drive USB hard drive. And the previous message says it’s going to be “significantly slower” than a USB drive? I have never been this direct about any product or service was dissatisfied about. Time to crack open the user manual. I’ll settle for slow vs. not working.

Reading the user manual may solve your problems. It’s highly recommended.

To get good access speeds, you need to connect using gigabit Ethernet throughout; your modem/router, any switches you may have, and the Ethernet ports of the accessing devices. 100Mbit Ethernet, or WiFi will reduce access rates. Gigabit ethernet ought to give you 80MB/s read and 40MB/s access rates.