Can i backup my external hard drive to WD my cloud?


I am looking to backup my external hard drive to MyCloud. But i couldn’t find any way to do so.

So does any one know how to do it? Please help!



HDD connected to what? A PC? That’s the best way.

Create a folder on MyCloud and use your preferred backup tool to backup the HDD to that folder. Or just drag and drop the file from HDD to MyCloud using your computer’s file manager.

No, it is connected directly to mycloud via the usb port available on the back. I dont wanna use network for that. So is there any direct method available which will copy all the data available on my external drive?



How are you trying to backup the external hard drive? Have you connected that drive to the My Cloud’s USB port? To a computer’s USB port? More information is needed.

The easiest, fastest and recommended way to copy data from an external USB hard drive is to connect that hard drive to a computer that is connected via Ethernet cable to the same router the My Cloud is connected too. See Appendix C, I need to migrate a large amount of data (50 GB or more) from a USB
external drive to my My Cloud device in the My Cloud User Manual (

One can use either Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder or dedicated backup software to backup the USB hard drive contents to the My Cloud. To make things easer one can “map” a My Cloud Share to their computer. Again see the User Manual for more information on mapping a share or see the following links.

It is possible to use the USB port on the back of the My Cloud but there are speed issues when using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy data from the USB drive to the My Cloud. When using the USB port on the back of the My Cloud, it is faster to use the WD My Cloud Desktop program or the My Cloud mobile apps to copy data from the USB hard drive to the My Cloud. Or if one is familiar with SSH, they can use SSH to connect to the My Cloud and issue the copy or rsync command to copy content from a USB hard drive connected to the My Cloud to the My Cloud’s hard drive.

Yes i am using USB at the back of the device. But i dont think so WD has a auto backup feature for hard drive connected on the back. For eg. i also use Seagate Business NAS for storing & backing up my documents. So i have turned on auto backup feature which backsup my data whenever device is connected to the NAS. I don’t need to use any app or computer program for it to do so.

I was looking for this type of feature, which does the task automatically.



I don’t think the MyCloud supports automatic backup from USB HDD to MyCloud.

The USB port on the MyCloud is for expanding the storage on the MyCloud, or for automatic backup of the MyCloud to the USB HDD.

Yes which i really disappointing for me!

Sorry. Maybe you should make the suggestion to WD on the ‘Cloud Ideas’ forum.

As you found out the single bay My Cloud does not officially support copying data from an attached USB hard drive to the My Cloud. As explained above you can accomplish what you seek using a dedicated backup program installed to your computer that would backup from the USB drive to the My Cloud.

Or one could use SSH and the command line interface to issue initiate a copy or rsync command that would copy from the USB drive to the My Cloud. And from there figure out how to create a service that would perform the backup on a schedule within the My Cloud firmware. I’m sure a search of the internet will turn up some general starting points.

A search of this forum using the magnifying glass icon upper right for “rsync schedule” turns up the following thread that should get one started.