Backing Up A External Hard Drive To WD My ICloud Drive

I have a WD My Cloud & I have a pocket size external hard drive. I want to backup my movies, pictures, videos etc.
from that pocket size hard drive to my WD My Cloud. The pocket size hard drive is about 1.5TB full. is there a way to copy that hard drive to my WD My Cloud 3TB drive? I have it plugged in via USB to the back of my ICloud drive. It seams like its going to take about 7 days to transfer everything over, when i plugged the hard drive in & I used my computer to drag all the files over. Is there a way to do this without having my computer on to do this process.

Thanks for the help

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( It explains how to back up to or from the MY Cloud. The My Cloud INCLUDES a backup feature called either Safepoint (v3.x/v4.x firmware) or Backup (v2.x firmware) that will backup the My Cloud to a USB attached hard drive or to another network location. The User Manual and the Help system embedded within the My Cloud Dashboard explain how to use the embedded backup feature of the My Cloud.

Note, the USB hard drive must be the same size or larger than the My Cloud.

Edit: To backup the other way, from USB drive to My Cloud its best to either use Rsync via SSH on the My Cloud if the USB drive is connected to the My Cloud or as indicated below in another post, connect the USB drive to a local computer and use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy the files to the My Cloud. Make sure to have the computer wired to the same router the My Cloud is connected to, using WiFi will be slower.

For bulk transfers like this, the User Manual recommends connecting the HDD to your PC, and copying to the MyCloud via your PC (ideally by mapping the MyCloud into your file system, and using File Explorer to do the transfer).

Some users suggest that by plugging the HDD into the MyCloud, and using the MyCloud Desktop app, you can achieve a faster transfer, since this method eliminates the PC from the transfer.

However, my experience of transfer speeds between MyCloud and an HDD attached to its USB port are poor: very low speeds. YMMV

ps. I think Bennor has missed what you’re trying to do, which is backup your HDD TO the MyCloud, not the other way round…

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@cat0w & @Bennor Thanks guys I’ll give that a try