Lost photos how to back up from My Cloud to new external Hard Drive?

Hello out there. I have a My Cloud Home which I have used to back up all my photos and videos, copied from another portable Hard Drive and in fact phone camera. This other hard drive has now completely failed, so I need to back up again back from the My Cloud to a new hard drive, so I retain two copies of everything. No where can I find a simple explanation of how to do this, which may be my lack of knowledge/understanding, but there you go. My home computer is a Mac, which is the one on the shared network with the My Cloud, but I use a PC at work to access files occassionally. Any suggestions or pointers most gratefully recieved. Jon

install WD discovery on the computer you are using and sign into the my cloud home account. This will mount the my cloud home as a drive on that computer. Then connect the portable drive to the computer and copy/paste the data from the my cloud drive to the portable drive.

Many thanks. Will this work if I download the WD Discovery onto my work PC and connect my new portable drive to this PC and copy from my My Drive home which is based at my home and networked to my Mac, or do I have to do the copying from my Mac with the drive connected there? Just a case of leaving it running in the background at work over a weekend rather than at home. Your help is much appreciated. Jon

assuming your work network does not have some sort of restriction that would prevent the network from connecting to the my cloud home that is on your home network then yes this should work for you. I have WD discovery installed on both my work and home computers and have no issue accessing the my cloud home like any other drive on the computer.