HELP! Using My Cloud like a traditional external hard drive?

Is it possible to us the My Cloud like a traditional external hard drive?

I bought it to replace my old plug-in external hard drive with the intent of being able to copy files to it, and then delete them from my computer for the sake of storage on my computer, but still be able to access them without being plugged in. For some reason though, once I delete the files from my computer, it also deletes them from My Cloud.

Does anyone know how to make this work like I want it to? I’m really regretting the massive amount of money I spent on this system since I can’t make it work like I want it to.

You must be using a sync program. Possibly WD Sync…?

All you need to do is map the MyCloud insto your file system, and use it like any other internal or external disk, accessed via your operating system’s file system and file manager.

You don’t need to use any WD software to access the MyCloud; it’s just a NAS; a network attached storage device, providing a file server. Your computer can access that file server to store and retrieve your files.

Once you have the drive mapped into your file system, you can simply drag and drop the files you want to move.

Bear in mind that, having moved the files to the MyCloud, your MyCloud will become the primary data store, and you would be well advised to back it up; it it fails, as any hard drive can fail, you will lose your data unless you have it backed up.

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@STEPHANIE_MONTGOMERY in addition to the excellent advice and links provided by @cpt_paranoia you might want to consider connecting My Cloud and computer to a gigabit switch similar to this one at

Using cat 6 cables to connect both computer and My Cloud will maximize internal transfer speeds. The switch will connect to your router enabling both My Cloud and computer Internet access. I have a similar setup in my home which I’m perfectly happy with.

####1 caveat - you will not achieve transfer speeds approaching USB3 connected hard drives.