Using drive 2 as a backup

Hello. I recently purchased the EX2 12 TB hd. Finally, I’ve placed all files on drive 1, this totaled just over 3.5 TB’s. I would like to use drive 2 as a backup that reoccurs. I’m unable to see my drive2 on my network, or in the cloud.
What do I look for? How do I set this up?
Thank You.

Hey there!

Your EX2 should have come pre-figured with RAID 1, which means the data is replicated over each volume.

You can check this by going into the Dashboard, clcking on the Storage tab and looking at the RAID profile. It should say in the table that comes up ‘Volume_1 RAID 1’. You don’t have to do anything manually if that’s the case.

If it happens to say Volume_1 RAID 0, you can change it to RAID 1 by following the instructions here:
The only thing is, I think changing it may wipe the data…I’m not 100% sure as I’ve never done it myself but the instructions have a warning…

Hopefully you already have RAID 1 set up and it’s not an issue. I recently had one of my volumes fail and luckily I had it as RAID 1 so I didn’t lose a thing.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Kishlette!
Yes, I see Volume_1 RAID 1.
Wow! That simple.
Thanks again,

No problem!