How to expand a 1 Drive EX2 with one more?

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Quick question!

I have bought a EX2 with no drive in (not received it yet), and bought a WD RED 2TB drive to put in it.

Now my question is, what if I want to expand the EX2 with another WD RED 2TB drive, in say a year or two?

I know I can easily put the new drive in the EX2, but will I be able to make the EX2 run Raid-1 without losing the data I have on the first drive I bought??

Thanks in advance!

I’m pretty certain that you will have to move the data off of the drive, install the new drive, then create the new raid 1 volume.  After that is complete you will then be able to move your data back onto the drive.

Has anybody out there actually done this?  If so, can you tell us the exact steps?

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Yes, Vertech1 is correct. Haven’t done it myself yet as I am running in JBOD one one drive but I believe in general once you have added the 2nd drive in and have /copied your data off the first drive temporarily, you have to go to Dashboard -> Storage -> RAID -> RAID Volume -> Change RAID mode.

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

The answers though, is what I expected, sadly :frowning:

I may just bay to disks at once then, it will also be safer that way :slight_smile:

Be aware that for RAID to work best all drives need to not only be the same capacity but same exact model. The entire RAID array would also be performance based on the weakest drive if you mis-matched them i.e. try not to mix a 5,400 rpm drive with a 7,200 rpm drive.

Thanks, but that I am aware of :slight_smile: