Move drives to newer EX2

Hi. I currently have the first gen EX2 and was thinking of buying a bare EX2 Ultra and just transferring the drives over. Will the new EX2 retain my data or try to wipe the drives as a new install?

yes if you install in the ex2 ultra it will reset. Instead what is the current setup. RAID 0/1 OR JBOD.

if JBOD/RAID 0 not a good idea. But if RAID 1 then you remove 1 of the drive and install in EX2 ULTRA and once it format it . then copy the data to that and then once done. remove the 2nd and install the 2nd. this might work. But not for the other 2 mode of raid 0 and jbod.

Thanks. Yes it’s currently operating in a Raid1 setup and will continue to do so in the newer EX2.

Hi again. So I got my EX2 Ultra. Pulled the #2 drive from my Gen 1 EX2 and put it in the EX2 Ultra.
The Gen 1 EX2 says it’s still in Raid1 but degraded (clearly). The EX2 Ultra won’t let me configure shares (shows 0TB available) until I set up the storage mode. Thing is it won’t let me set the Raid mode with only one drive. Anyone know how I can move these volumes from an older EX2 to a newer one without (a) losing everything or (b) buying new drives?

Okay you have say 4tb in your old ex2 non ultra

2tx2 RAID 1. Total space is 50% ie 2tb only

Now you have to follow these steps. its a normal procedure.

RAID 1 have duplicacy means 1 of the 2 drives can fail.

You did the same on removing the 2nd one and installing in the first of Ex2 Ultra

Now you need to configure as RAID 1 drive. But i doubt it will allow without 2 drives. Give it a try.

But usually you need a similar hard drive say 2tb to swap in the data to new ex2 ultra and then create an RAID 1 with two drives say 1 from ex2 and other spare drive. Now once raid is created with 2 different drives of same size. You still have data in old ex2. Now copy the data to prime drive say Drive 1 from your ex2. Now the data are populated in new raid of ex2 ultra.

But once it says the raid is completed . after copying all the data. Remove the 2nd of ex2 ultra (spare drive) and 1st drive of ex2 which will allow now to re-build the array. Now you have sucessfully moved without loosing the data.

So you need one additional HDD as a spare drive to transfer the drives without loosing data.

That’s what I was trying to avoid. Think I’ll buy a month of Google Drive to backup then download back once it’s all set up.