Recognise Second Drive within My Cloud Ultra EX2

Can any one help,I have just purchased the Ultra EX2 with 2 x 3gb internal drives but I can only see one?
I want to use the first as the main storage with regular back ups going to the second, is RAID 1 best for this?
I have followed the process for RAID 1 but once complete I still see one, is there another setting I have to alter?
I go into storage setting and I can see both drives but not much more.

Hi there,

As far as I know (as I have this set up) is when you’re in Raid 1 you don’t see the full 6TB you only see 3TB the other 3TB Is effectively your Mirror (back up drive). So anything you save onto the drive automatically copies over to your other 3TB in the background.

JBOD mode would let you see the full 6TB as it’s two hardrives merged into one.

If I’m wrong about the above I’m sure someone will come along & help too but that’s what I think it is personally.

No No JBOD wont merge the two drives. It will give you two drives space. But you need to mount the 2nd drive as Volume_2 and first drive will be as Volume_1

Thanks Dirty new part of my post wasn’t right. Lol

Hi GuysThanks for the info, had just about worked it out for myself😎. My only other question would be how this info/drive could be accessed if data required?

Once the drive is mounted as VOlume_1 or Volume_2 you need to navigate to shares and create shares for each folder’s you create.

Which then can be accessed via Network drive . Provided it might authenticate once even though you are in the same network. But it wont pop up again for a while.