Question about the EX 2

I am currently using the my cloud 3tb… I am concerned about the drive failing, although i havent had any issues.

I am interested in the EX2…

Considering that the NAS is using RAID…If one of the drives fail, will i still be able to use the EX2 normally?? and when i do replace the drive, will it automatically copy files, or do i have to tell it to via the software?

other than the redundancy, is there any other benefit to the EX2 over the plain My cloud??


Hello josh3684. If you have the EX2 in a RAID 1 configuration you will be able to access your files even if one of the drives fails. Once you enter a replacement drive the RAID 1 will rebuilt automatically if you have the Auto-Rebuild option enabled. For more information on how each RAID configuration works check the link below. 

Replacing an internal drive on a WD My Cloud Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive