USB safe point crash

Hi guys

My problem with wd my cloud:

I made a safepoint via usb on a external hd-drive.

Everthing seems ok…and everthing is going ok including daily, weekly backups until i do not disconnect the drive physically this drive and the usb-cable.

When i disconnect the usb-cable with the external drive and reconnect it later, the cloud does not respond anymore.

I had to disconnect the external drive and to restart totaly the wd my cloud whithout conncection (usb + ext. drive)

I can only reuse the external drive when i reformat it and if i make a new safepoint again. But i a disconnect it again…everything begins again.

Greetings from Switzerland


Apologies if I’m asking the obvious … are you “ejecting” it properly? One method is available using the Dashboard - upper right set of 3 icons - click on the one immediately to the right of “logout”

Unfortunately it happens in both ways:

  • disconnect manually


  • disconnect via WD quick view

I will try i now via the DASH BOARD (but i dont found the icon, i have only the possibility to disconnect it correctly) 

The problem happens only via external drive on witch i had stored a safe point.

Otherwise i can connect every drive (usb sticks etc.) manually and everthing works.

I have my USB hard drive continually attached.

here’s a screen shot of the upper right hand portion of Dashboard (using Ubuntu Linux and accessing with FireFox)



What are your safepoint settings regarding frequency? Possibly turn auto update off.

First, thank you for your aid!

Now i made a new safe point to my newly formated external HD via USB

And then i disconnected it via menu in the my cloud dash board.

Then i disconnected it manually and reconnected it manually…but no effect. Everything was blocked. I needed to restart my cloud without the usb-external drive.

I can read the content of the external drive normally when i connect it directly to my laptop but via my cloud…never.

So the question remains: How to to a safe point on a external HD, disconnect this drive manually or via menu…and refind it afert a manually reconnection of the external HD.

Why do i have this problem: I make a backup one time per week but i dont want have connected the external HD (online) during the whole time.

Hopefully a learned community member will have an answer for you. As I stated I leave My Book Studio always connected to My Cloud.