Safepoints How to use, create, etc

If I create a Safepoint to an external drive, and the My Cloud crashes how do I recover the data.

If the My Cloud has crashed you can not use it to restore Safepoints.

The whole Safepoint feature is not clear on how to use, or create.

Safepoint does not find drives on my network, and I have not been able to get it to work with a USB drive.

My plan was to create a Safepoint to an external USB drive in case the My Cloud would fail.

Like I said but if My Cloud has failed you will not be able to use the Safepoint recovery selection.

Is there a video that shows how to use this feature.

What good is a Safepoint snapshot?


From the WD Knowledge Base Articles:

My Cloud Safepoint and Backup Online User Guide and Solutions

How to perform a Safepoint Recovery on a My Cloud

How to use the Safepoint Migration App on a single bay My Cloud with 2.xx Firmware

External USB Drive Will Not Mount, Not Seen or Detected by a My Cloud

External USB Drive File Systems Supported on a My Cloud

If one’s My Cloud hard drive has died or become corrupted one can try one of the various unofficial “unbrick” methods that have been widely discussed in the OS3 My Cloud subforum. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find those many past “unbrick” discussions. After successfully unbricking one can restore the Safepoint back to to their first gen single bay My Cloud.

For example user Fox_exe has some directions some of us have used to unbrick a first gen single bay My Cloud. Generally one may get a front red LED after a correct unbricking, if the My Cloud dashboard can be reached one can run a system only restore which should fix the red front LED and the OK capacity error.

User Fox_exe repositories:
Main Repository:
First Gen:

First gen directions:
File(s) used in first gen:
Latest first gen firmware:

One can plug in the USB hard drive containing the Safepoint backup to a computer and access or copy the files off that USB hard drive. Basically a Safepoint, among other things, mirrors the user data on the first gen My Cloud to a USB hard drive.

Bennor supplied you with a lot of information and have you looked at Help provided in the Dashboard for Safepoint.