Safepoint recovery if your MyCloud drive has failed

With WD stopping support for the MyCloud I am concerned about the data I have on my 3 TB unit.

I created a Safepoint drive using an external 2TB USB WD drive. I only have about 1 TB on the MyCloud.

My question, if the MyCloud fails how do I use this Safepoint drive to retrieve my data.

If the MyCloud drive has failed you can not use the GUI web menu to restore the Safepoint.

What do I do with a Safepoint drive when the MyCloud drive is dead?

Have you read any of the Help Information or information about Safepoints?

Thanks, so what is a new compatible device that supports Safepoint Backups since WD is dropping support for the MyCloud home.

If you have a dead MyCloud you have to buy another product to recover the data.

According to this video you can recover the data files from a Safepoint disks!

Safepoint just makes a one to one copy of your data (and My Cloud data) to the external USB hard drive. You can access those files. One can simply take that hard drive and connect it to another computer (or NAS) and copy the data off the drive, or access the data on the drive.