WD My Book Connected to WD My Cloud sends WDMC offline

Continuing the discussion from My Solution to My Cloud is disconnecting from the Network and disappears when connecting USB hdd:

Refer to the above linked topic for problems around incompatibility of WDMB & WDMC. This linked topic was back in Feb 2014. It is NOW Jan 2016 and I am still experiencing the same problems. I bought both WD products expecting less high level technical interaction. This product is a home product. These type of problems would blow the average home user away. I wounder why WD has not addressed this very basic problem which is preventing a lot of users from performing a basic Safepoint.
When I connect WD My Book via USB 3. I cannot access My Cloud. I can ping it on the network but Dashboard is not discoverable.

drummermgg, it may help if you posted the WD My Cloud model and firmware version you are using along with the model of the external USB drive you are using. Also do other USB drive, including USB flash drive exhibit the same problem or is it only the one USB drive that cause the issue?

With the V4 firmware some of us (use the forum search feature to find the other threads) are having trouble with certain selected USB drives not mounting properly on the My Cloud. In my Case it is a Toshiba 1T USB drive and a generic no name brand USB docking station when loaded with a 1T drive. Otherwise other USB drives I have work with the My Cloud. While the problematic drives do not freeze the My Cloud it is still a frustrating problem. I have sent logs to WD but have not received any further communications on that issue.