Safepoint not updated

Hi all,
I have a safepoint programmed every day at 10:00 PM but when I check the Safepoint data the last updated is the first day was created.
Do I have to uptade manually?
Please check the pic to show you more in detail.
Thank you.

Where are you backing up to , another networked device , USB ? , I’m wondering if it’s not able to connect to the remote system.

Hello Wullaihut,
Yes, is a external 2 TB hard disk connected to WD My Cloud USB port.
From windows explorer I can see the USB hard disk connected to the WD My Cloud and also see the files I did backup the first time.
Also from WD My Cloud navigator I can see the USB hard disk, the only thing is it is not updating the safepoint every day at 10 PM as I programmed.
Any help will be appreciate.