USB drive does not work anymore after latest firmware 4.00.01-623 update

Since the latest firmware update to 4.00.01-623 the USB drive (WD MyBook USB3, 4TB) does not work properly anymore, similar to what I experienced severel months ago after an earlier firmware update. Also the programmed  “safepoints” are not generated anymore on the MyBook.  However, opposite to last time,  this time a firmware update of the MyBook drive does not solve the issue. Now I am stuck.

So, again a lousy firmware update that brings problems. Please, improve!

Is the hard drive working independently when connected to your computer instead of your WD My Cloud? Are you able to change the configuration or is the hard drive detected within the Dashboard? More information and details will allow for more Users to assist.


USB works when attached to PC. Files can be approached.

When attached to the MyCloud, the dashboard is very slow in recognizing the USB drive, and the dashbordis is slow as a whole. When recognized, the MyBook still cannot be accessed.