UPS usage together with WD My Cloud


I want to use an UPS together with my WD My Cloud and my QNAP NAS.
QNAP is internally using “Network UPS Tools” (NUT) to communicate between two NAS via Ethernet to switch all of them off when power is lost. One QNAP will be the master (the UPS is attached via USB to it) and the others are slaves.

Is WD My Cloud also using NUT for this as I read that there is also support for attaching a UPS via USB (should be as I read here: And there should be also a master slave connection possible:

Can someone tell me if this is working with the 1 bay WD My Cloud?

Thank you!

It would help if you post your My Cloud version, gen 1 (v4.x firmware) or gen 2 (v2.x firmware), as the two versions use different slightly versions of Linux and it’s packages.

It is a gen 1 WD My Cloud with the newest firmware.