Did work Ups Apc Bx650ci-ar Bx650 with WD MyCloud 4TB NAS?

hi! i have a 4 TB NAS myCloud and wanna buy a Ups Apc Bx650ci-ar Bx650 model. anyone know if it will recogniced by the NAS ? thanks so much

Hi diegoacco ,

Unfortunately, we haven’t tested our WD device with it.


Okay, more generally then…

What facilities do the MyCloud series offer to support integration with a UPS?

Is there a means by which a UPS can instruct a MyCloud to perform a safe shutdown when the UPS determines it has nearly exhausted its battery?

This could be done by the UPS logging in via SSH, and issuing a shutdown -h now command.

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Some UPS devices connect to the USB port. If you look at the /usr/local/modules/scropt folder on the gen2
My Clouds they have two scripts called ups_action.sh and upssched-cmd just not sure what models they work on.

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Okay, I understand how it works, we agree. The problem is: to try I must buy the UPS. if I buy and then do not recognize it I’m fried. I plan to plug the UPS through USB into the NAS. I should see that recognize it in the control panel of my cloud

If your My cloud has a control panel. It is not a single bay My Cloud. You need to go to the forum for
your model.

I was trying to get our WD Staff member @peter.g to give some guidance on the facilities the series provides, and how those facilities are invoked. Rather than a glib comment that it hasn’t been tested.

There’s nothing in the user manual about UPS integration.

Maybe I expect too much, but I think if WD staff are going to post on the forums, they ought to be a bit more informative…

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Dream on.

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I thought I’d ask google support.


And, lo! I found this:

Looks like our basic MyCloud doesn’t have UPS support. Or, at least, not that they’re officially supporting