Configuring UPS and auto-shutdown

I’ve finally got a UPS to prevent the NAS from power failure and am trying to figure out how to configure my WD EX4 so that if the power has failed and it is running from the UPS that it will automatically shutdown if the battery remaining in the UPS is below 25%.

I’ve got an APC BR550GI UPS and have connected via the USB - the EX4 can see the UPS via the USB but I can’t see any way of configuring the shutdown procedure - any advice?


Perhaps these two topics that have been posted before can help you out with this.

Thanks I’ve looked at both of those and neither seem to help me configure the UPS.

We’ve had a couple of power trips in the last 2 days and the UPS is definitely working ok but would be good to know if I can manage it or just have to go with default (which I haven’t tested but looks like it will shut down at 10% battery reading some of the feedback from these links.

Any idea on how to configure the UPS specifically for the NAS?


is it possible APC Back-UPS 700VA (no ethernet connection, only USB) to connect and manage an WD Mycloud EX2 Ultra NAS for shutdown when power goes down;