Network UPS connected to WD MyCloud EX2

Is it possible to connect WD MyCloud EX2 to a network UPS (UPS is connected via LAN network to the WD ΕΧ2) in order the UPS to initiate shutdown of WD EX2 when the main power source goes out?

If yes which UPS Network Model is compatible with WD EX2?

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Please check this:

I checked product descriptions of all models.

They do not not mention Network connectivity. They all refer to USB connection.

Please advice if which one supports network connection to WD MyCloud EX2 drive.

The WDEX2 definitely supports a network connected UPS.  In fact, I dont see that it supports a USB connected UPS at all. In the settings menu if you enable UPS support it will ask you for the IP address etc…  in order to set it up.

Which one is a network UPS?

I connected APC BE500G with WDEX2 using the usb cable that is included in the APC BE500G package.

You dont have to make changes on the configuration of WDEX2. 

The WDEX2 just shuts down automatically when the battery of APC BE550G reaches 10% of capacity.

My question can I do the same thing with a network UPS? And which UPS to buy that supports network shutdown ???

So did you plug it in to the USB port and it worked with no additional configuration?  As for the network UPS, look at the config page of your EX2, it is self explanatory.

kostipan76 - I haven’t looked at all the UPS models that are mentioned on WD’s compatible page but the top two in that list (SMC1000 & SMT750) both supports network management. I got this info on Amazon’s site on those product’ pages. It clearly says they are network manageable. If you look up the others in that list on Amazon, I’m sure you can find out which of the other ones are. Just read the descriptions a bit or do a search on the page for the word network.

Vertech1  -  Yes I used the usb port of EX2 and no config is needed


Thanks for the info.  My UPS does not support a network connection but it does have the cable for a USB connection. I hadnt hooked it up because I didnt see any way to configure it in the EX2, I’ll try it as soon as I dig the cable back out…