How to configure an UPS with a WDMycloudEX2?



Does anyone can suggest  how to configure a MyCLOUDEX2 NAS with an UPS APC BE550G ?

I have just connected   both device  but  I didn’t found how to the NAS and the UPS in order to  do a  system shutdown in case of electrical  power cut. 


There are some posts that deals with UPS and WD NAS.

There is an option for NETWORK UPS in the dashboard too.

Settings > Network > Network UPS

Not sure if your model is a network UPS.

Hope it helps.

Hello Toonleap, 

thank you very much for your answer.  The my UPS is an USB connection device  not a network one.

I found  response in the  link  you have submitted  to me, it  seems that EX2 will shutdown automatically when  10% of   power supply  level will be reached.

I will try this and will come back with  the test response.

Thanks again.