EX4100 UPS configurable power shutdown

In the user manual for WD EX4100 I have found working scenario to configure shutdown for network drives to shutdown network drives connected to WD MyCloud when power on network UPS less than configured threshold.

First at all I don’t understand the sentence about network drive connected to WD - what that means? Is it all my RAID disks inside or this some other device from network?

Lets try to suspect this is our internal WD disks configured to some RAID as usual.
So I have configure only network UPS with having linux on board and several USB’s? This is unusable.
Most popular home UPS models has USB but not a network. And for our reason this is more that enough?

So my question, where is simple SSH way to configure standard linux internal demon from UPS authors to shutdown my WD EX4100.
I can understand big amount of features less in WD for any reasons but here we have strongly required simple feature for all cloud devices.

Any idea?

I have bought Eathon E5 series USB UPS and after connecting to WD EX4100 it’s works and WD can shutdown when UPS reports low percentage values.

I’m extremly unsatisfied with WD EX4100 manual without one word about USB type UPS support and now possible way to configure it.

This is a disregard for the user / client.

How I can get a comment about this from WD support?

There are words but the WD solution is not the best as once off you have to manual restart

plus I use the USB cable from the UPS to turn off my computer system and I do that at 50 % not 10 %