UPS Operation / Configuration

Has anyone plugged a UPS in to their NAS and confirmed proper operation?  I dont see anything about how to config the UPS settings for the NAS in the manual or on the Dashboard.

I have my UPS plugged in to the USB port and can see the UPS power status.  When I disconnect the UPS from the AC mains I receive an alarm via email from the EX2 that it is running on battery and what percent the battery level is at.  It also sends me a new email for every percent change of the UPS battery.  I let it get all the way down to 1% and the EX2 still had not shutdown. 

I would like to configure my NAS to shutdown as soon as it goes to UPS power to avoid any potential problems.  Anyone know how to do that?  I sent WD support a message on this as well but was hoping someone here may be able to help out sooner.

Hey Vertech1, not sure if you already looked into it or not, but from Dasboard under Settings -> Network Settings, there is a Network UPS switch that can be toggled between Slave and Master modes. Not sure if that will help anything. I am guessing Slave Mode should be the appropriate setting, but since that’s already the default and didn’t help in your test, then perhaps that’s not gonna help you configure it. Thought I’d mention it anyway.


Tried that already.  That is for a network connected UPS only and doesnt appear to have any bearing on a USB connected device.  I saw in some of the old messages dating back to May that it was supposed to shutdown at 10%.  Mine didnt do that and I dont want to keep deep cycling my UPS batteries to test it.  I guess I’ll just wait on WD…


Did you manage to sove the automatic power off problem?

I’m planning to add a UPS to the NAS to prevent possible damage on a power outage.

Thanks in advance

WD never responded with anything new.  The drive will shutdown, but only after it reaches 10%.   Not what I wanted, but I hope they will listen to reason and make this configurable someday.