Using 2 UPS with Same EX4100


We had a power outage last night and since I have never been able to figure out how to setup my EX4100 to automatically gracefully shut down, I’d like to try using 2 ups units (1 for each power supply). Would this work? Would it extend my up time before a hard shut down? Do I have concerns about PFC (ie: would both units need to be PFC, etc)?

Any input here would be much appreciated.

I am not aware if a configuration with multiple UPS devices is possible or viable. I’d recommend sending an E-mail to WD Support about this for confirmation. You can do so in the following link:

Try to provide as many details as possible related to what you would like to accomplish. They may request more information if needed.

I sent one to my contact at WDC support yesterday before I posted this but have not heard back.

Any input on this or preferably how to set up an automated graceful shutdown would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t matter if you used 2 or not. If the power goes out the EX4100 would continue to draw power from both UPSs at the same rate I would think since the power bricks would be the same. Once the UPSs are depleted it’ll turn off. The best thing I can recommend is a larger UPS.