Network UPS? - WD My Cloud Mirror

Trying to configure the Network Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feature on a WD My Cloud Mirror Gen2 and I have a couple questions for the experts.

  1. What kind of Network UPS daemon does WD My Cloud Mirror run? Is it apcupsd? Is it user-configurable at all? It doesn’t seem to be, based on the limited instructions available in the user manual ( page 116). Otherwise, is there a way to install apcupsd on the WD My Cloud Mirror device?

  2. The manual reads:

Communication with the WD My Cloud Mirror device is done using a master/slave protocol in which the master device controls the slave devices. When the UPS is connected to the WD My Cloud Mirror device by the USB, the device automatically becomes a UPS Network Master. Other WD My Cloud devices that are connected to that UPS can be pointed to the IP address of the UPS Master. If the UPS is discharged to the specified percentage, all of the WD My Cloud Mirror slave drives will automatically shut down properly."

Notice the text above mentions “other WD My Cloud devices”, just not other devices. Does the master configuration work with My Cloud devices only? I tried running apcupsd in slave mode on a PC and a Mac and neither machine seems to be able to connect to my WD My Cloud Mirror with Network UPS configured in master mode. Does the WD My Cloud Mirror firewall block connections and must be reconfigured to allow slave devices to connect to the service?

  1. I set up the apcupsd service to run in master mode on my PC, opened the Windows firewall to allow connections, and connected the UPS to the PC. The Mac successfully connects in slave mode to the PC. However, the WD My Cloud Mirror doesn’t: when I enter the IP address of the PC in the config panel, it tries to connect and times out after about a minute. I think it may run a daemon that is incompatible with apcupsd, or maybe connections are blocked by a firewall. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.