Uploads stall via WD MyCloud app

Running Mac OS X 10.11 - El Capitan - just reading through all the disappointments as to why I can’t use the OS to interface and copy files. I have a number 1+ gb files to copy off for archiving purposes. So I am using the installed WD MyCloud interface. So I begin to copy files and each one that I do - copying them 1 by one - the interface stalls each time at 999 mb. Makes no sense and way too fustrating at this point. No error messages or anything - just stops. Not sure what’s broke to even fix. 

So fustrated to this point that I wish I would have only bought a regular drive that I could have shared to my other Macs and Windows laptops. 

Any help that you guys can provide will be much appreciated - I feel I can’t be the first to experience this. 


Good Evening,

WD Access for Mac  OS X can be used to upload content locally.

MyCloud.com can be used to upload content from a remote location.


Samuel Brown