WD My Cloud app: crashes when I try to copy a file to the MyCloud drive

Hi there!
(First: excuse my… English, I am French!)
I work on Macintoshes. I have a My Cloud drive, perfectly working when I use it at home. Since a few days, I’m away, meaning I use the MyCloud drive through the Web (using the MyCloud app).
My problem: I can’t copy or extract files to/from the MyCloud through the My Cloud app (a new version had been installed a few days ago): the app crashes each time I try to up- (or sometimes) download a file (big or small).
In fact, I use 2 Macs : one is a Macbook, OS 10.6.8, the other a Macbook Air, OS Capitan. The MyCloud app works perfectly with the OS Capitan, but it crashes every time I use it with the “old” Macbook (10.6.8).
Hypothesis: is it due to the My Cloud app update a few days ago? (It was working fine before.)
I can delete or move files inside the MyCloud drive without problems.
Does anyone have the same problem, but better, a solution!?

Thanks for your help!

That’s me again!
I made a screenshot of the window when the crash appears:

Hope this will help!

Unfortunately, the image appears to be broken and I can’t see it.

Are you able to use the web client using a different Internet Browser instead of the desktop app?

Thanks, Trancer, for your message.
Below, another image (.jpg) of hte screenshot when the WDMy Cloud app. crashes.
Hope you’ll see it and maybe give me an solution!
Thanks again

Pierre Janin

Don’t feel alone, nobody can do it. The only files that can be uploaded via app are photos. See recent posts here where people tried uploading Word, Excel, PDF files on their phones fo My Cloud. It doesn’t work. You can copy certain files from My Cloud by downloading them into the app’s download folder.

It appears PIERRE_JANIN is using the WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac software not the WD My Cloud app for iOS. It was the iOS app that could only upload photos. PIERRE_JANIN appears to be indicating the WD My Cloud Desktop for Mac works at home, but not while remote. Further it appears the crashing problem started after the latest update.

Well, as you see he clearly said app in my quote, not program on computer, but you are likely correctly reading this into his comment. As he said, his English is not that good, so he may have meant program on computer (unless everything is an “app” these days and not a “program”).

Bennor is right! My problem appears only in my Macbook software (WD My Cloud Desktop software, version 0.0.0 (?) the info window says).
Till now, I was able to drag and drop files to/from the My Cloud device with this software. This sofware crashes since it has been upgraded (last Sunday, I think).
I found a solution using another way: enter into the WD device via an Internet navigator (Safari or Firefox) then up/downloading files. But this appears to be less simple/easy than using the drag n’ drop solution.
I have re-installed the WD My Cloud sofware on the Macbook, but it didn’t help…
Though I am not an expert (far from it), I still suspect the problem came after the upgrading of the software.

Thanks for your commentaries!
Pierre Janin

Mike27oct: I did say “app”, as far as for me (poor little average user), every software is an “application”. But I mean normal computer software/program, not an “app” for iPad or tablets.
Pierre Janin

I did say “app”, as far as for me (poor little average user), every software is an “application”

Don’t worry; ‘app’ is increasingly being used to replace what we used to call ‘programs’…

OK, Pierre, I GOT IT after Bennor commented. I don’t use the My Cloud computer app/program/whatchamacallit so I am clueless and uninformed of it. I personally have not seen a use or need for it for ME, as I have lots of program-apps to use on computers and mobile devices.

Hope the folks here can help you fix it.

And, some of us still call them by their correct name, Programs are for “computers” and are often multi-functional, whereas the programs for mobile devices picked up on the name of "App(lication) indicating small programs mostly for mobile devices to do particular tasks. The earlier days of personal computer called these small, task-specific programs “Utilities” and they still are called that today.
Only stated this because of the confusion being generated here because WD has a DEVICE, a PROGRAM and an APP; all with the same name: My Cloud. Thanks, WD! :wink:

Apps are programs too… Even ‘Hello World’ is a program.

Language changes, especially in à fast-developing field such as consumer electronics.