Upload firmware failed. Try again.

My version is: 2.41.116, I want to upgrade to

Downloaded the latest: WDMyCloud_5.16.105_prod.bin

Select Manual Update, and the final prompt is Upload firmware failed. Try again.

Please help me, thanks.

Attach: P/N: WDBCTL0060HWT-10

I also tried to choose a lower version: WDMyCloud_5.09.115_prod.bin
But the result is the same.

First, and this cannot be stressed enough. You should read through the OS5 subforums to see the various issues and problems people who use the second generation single bay My Cloud models are having with OS5. There are numerous posts detailing how the device becomes sluggish or inaccessible for long periods of time. Read the many complaints BEFORE choosing to upgrade so you can make an informed decision if upgrading is really what you want to do.

Some have complained that they had trouble upgrading both using the update method within the My Cloud Dashboard and with manually downloading the OS5 firmware file and manually updating using the Dashboard. There are complains about blank dialog boxes or Dashboard missing information similar to what your first screen capture above shows with the blank box above the Diagnosis information.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Manually Update From My Cloud OS 3

Direct link to the latest second gen single bay My Cloud OS5 firmware file.

As a troubleshooting step, try a different web browser and disable any browser extensions/add-ons and temporarily disable any third party security/firewall software to see if they are interfering with trying to update the My Cloud manually.

If you continue to have trouble with updating then you may need to open a support case with WD using the Support link at the top of the page.


For those that are having trouble trying to upgrade; or worried about upgrading to OS5 and wondering what to do at the last minute: don’t be put off by the warnings about this system. Go ahead and persist so you can get OS5.

  • If you’re having trouble upgrading using the links WD provides: try downloading their files to your local drive then use the ‘Manual Update from File’ option to load the file.
  • Note that you have to install the ‘final’ version of OS3 firmware (v2.41.121) before you can go to OS5. Don’t make the mistake of using the v5 file first; it comes after.
  • I had to do certain steps more than once, closing and reopening my browser window whenever visible progress stopped. But I did not have to unplug or reboot the drive manually. It just took a lot of persistence.
  • After the upgrade, you have to re-set up some basic things like network shortcuts. But your data is not lost, and you can access it all via Windows right away.
  • As for accessing it over the Web remotely: that part is not good. The web portal will tell you that the drive is indexing, and it’s as slow as people say. Three days later, mine is still at 5 percent. At that rate, it will take a month to index every last file. Thankfully I mostly use my drive locally.
  • I can confirm that certain things that were very sluggish in OS3 are working more smoothly in OS5.

I stayed with OS3 during 2021 because I was scared off OS5 by multiple warnings in this forum. I was afraid it would lack functionality based on the various comparison pages out there. But it turns out that my experience with it this week has been way better than what I had with OS3…especially after OS3 became unavailable via networking.

I wasn’t noticing any development on OS5 and thought that it would be a lost cause. But I was mistaken; there has been development on this OS and new releases about every month.

Anyway, I’ve had plenty of reasons to be disappointed with my drive in the past, but I’m hoping that within a few weeks it will start to be able to do the things it was advertised for.