Problems upgrading to OS5

Trying to upgrade MyCloud from OS3 to OS5.
My current Firmware version is v04.05.00-353. The instructions say first upgrade to “firmware version 2.41.116” or laterby downloading it. The site only contains a slightly later version and the download is a .bin file which Windows 10 or the MyCloud dashboard can’t do anything with.
I was hoping that I could see the “update to OS5 box” in the dashboard, but it isn’t there.
Any ideas? Would be so grateful as I’ve been going around in circles for days.

Several things are wrong here. First, you don’t own a, My Cloud Home. Second, you own a 1st generation WDMYCLOUD OS3 Firmware 04.05.00-353 and it will not update to OS5! Last, you have posted in the wrong sub-forum.
My Cloud OS3 End of Service | Western Digital