UPDATED: Home Duo YES or NO? VS. NAS EX. Not purchased yet 20-32TB needed- advise please

Noob here kindness & thank you!

I’ve read reviews and they are mixed between advanced users and Newbies like me looking here in hope of making my decision asap before end of week.

I want a personal Cloud for my family at home & away. I run a very small business me, myself & I and away access is needed. Reading as much in manuals, posts & reviews; I still have a couple of concerns.

Share:Can I limit the amount of space “those invited” might want to use? I’m guessing no…?
It is family & well … we all got one of those who test us all
Can everyone “invited” add or share items to Duo from Google Drive or their Docs & share folder if wanted? Not just me & my accounts.
Can me & my invites take our Apple Icloud storage items and put them easily to the Duo

I am replacing a HP Server 8Tb that is circa 2009 & limping along. Can I all data transfer by what means from this to the Home Duo - hoping it is a drag & drop but only saw that feature from another WD MyCloud in video. The storage amount from my current server is less than 2Tb.

Can I play back Itunes music from anyplace - some said yes others say no - confused here

Any regrets after purchase? wishing you had known any of “X” the Home Duo limitations -would you have bought a EX “NAS” system?

UPDATE 800-275-4932 OPTION 4 PrePurchase WD customer service; was able to assist today & answered my question. EX NAS series will better serve my needs in travel, business & family.

I have a WD NAS (DL2100) not a Home model device. You sound like a person who needs a NAS and not a Home.

I have all my media copied to the NAS from backup sources. My active iTunes Media folder resides on my Win computer and I COPY that folder to the NAS and periodically update it on the NAS. I was recently streaming music and videos from the NAS from over 3000 miles away in the middle of the Pacific!