Choose between My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra & My Cloud Home Duo

I’ve got an 8TB Home Duo now that’s running as mirrored drives (4TB Capacity) and running out of space.
It’s running fine except for the space issue.

Looking for alternatives:
1-remove the 2 4TB drives and replace with 2 8TB or more and lose the use of the backups (But if I need them, maybe I can swap out the new replacement drives and put in the old ones, use the backups I need and then put the new ones back in the box.
2-Buy a second Home Duo with larger drives and run two drives, side-by-side with new backups going to the new box.
3-Buy a new My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra, learn it’s new idiosyncrasies and push forward with it.
Any suggestions?


The Home series has. . . a number of issues. The recent debacle regarding the “authentication server” being down for three weeks is a very concerning. Not sure about 2023, but in the past there were severe restrictions on Home features . . .such that its functionality as a basic “NAS” unit could be questioned.

The EX2 certainly has it’s idiosyncrasies - - but as a basic NAS; it works just fine. (I keep mine isolated from the internet; and am happy with it).

Note: All the OS/5 devices. . . are a bit long in the tooth at this point; and software updates are few and far between.

Thanks NAS_user. But I use my Home Duo as a location for my Time Machine backups from two Computers as well as a storage device for installation files and a group of about 100 files that I retrieve through my iPhone and attache to emails I send from the iPhone. So, I’m going to keep the Internet connection but the major concern was that the EX2 had problems being recognized as a Time Machine backup and that’s the major reason I’m using the Home Duo. I liked it better when I thought I’d never reach 4TB worth of backups on the Home Duo.

Buy a Synology, or something else that isn’t WD. I’m not happy with my EX2 Ultra, and especially with it’s firmware, and I’ve literally never seen a WD NAS recommended to anyone, or by anyone. Then populate it with WD HDDs.

Thanks Breadfan85.
Too late though. I bought a 20TB Home Duo. It was very easy to set up, easy to share and seems to work fine. I am glad I stayed away from the Ultra though.
Good luck,

I had a HOME edition before my EX. WD should be ashamed with that release. Although the hardware is “OK”, the software is childishly over-simplified. You can’t view drive status, or other essential information.