Upgrade from MyCloud Mirror to EX2 Ultra

I own a MyCloud mirror and thinking of upgrading to a EX2 Ultra using the same disk I have inside my Mirror unit. Can I simple put my 2 excisting disks inside a EX2 Ultra without loosing data or do I need to reset/format my disks? My current configuration is JBOD

Edit: I now have 2x 3 TB installed, so is it of any use to upgrade as a EX2 Ultra can handle bigger disks, and even more, is the software and upgrades any better on the Ultra is my unit does not get any updates anymore?


Not sure you could just pop the disks in. . . .I would have everything backed up to an external drive before inserting just in case

Well, the EX2 Ultra is decent hardware. It’s been out for several years. . . .not bleeding edge tech.

If you read this forum; you will see that WD is upgrading the software from OS/3 to “OS/5”. I would be hesitant to buy a new device to run this OS for a while. . .

Yes you can put them in, the lights wil show red till you accept the raid roaming message. then your good to go

Edit: If your gonna upgrade to with synology. Another WD Nas and you will be here in a year so with its problems…

Sorry I dont understand what you mean


He means there isn’t much hope left for WD given the OS5 fiasco so if you’re buying a new NAS device, go for another brand, Synology being a popular one.

On another note, take care of the sequence of drives while moving to a new device and don’t mix them.

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OK, I figured that out. Looking at a Synology at the moment. Maybe you can answer my next question. I have JBOD at my system and it does a remote backup to another Mycloud mirror at a friend of mine, can I upgrade to a Synology and still make a remote backup to that MyCloud mirror and can he still make a remote backup to my NAS?