Upgrading the Storage Drives

So I want to upgrade the current drives in my My Cloud Home Duo, it currently has 2 x 2TB HDD’s giving a total 2TB in Raid. I want to put 2 x 4TB drives in to double the space as the drives are getting full. Is it as simple as taking out 1 x 2TB drive and swapping for 1 x 4TB drive copying the information over and then installing the other 4TB drive in Raid? I am obviously very worried as all the family videos, photos etc are on this device. Thanks in advance.


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/24420

Well that’s a bit rubbish isn’t it. What’s he point in having a non serviceable NAS, the whole point is that it can be upgraded so you have a lifelong backup facility.

Gosh that Really is bad!!
“ * My Cloud Home Duo drive capacity cannot be upgraded in the field

I’m sure this wasn’t always the case?? - doesn’t surprise me though - WD are just getting worse…

A company cannot be this bad and not have consequences - they seem to think they know better than their user base-
Just make sure you don’t buy any of their stuff again and spread the word…

I know, it just seems beyond ridiculous. I know these are entry level NAS setups but to make them totally non upgradeable just seems very unecological. I’ve heard of in built obsolescence but that is stunning, all those materials wasted because the HDD is no longer big enough.

By chance, does anyone has tried to upgrade anyways?
I mean with two larger drives referred in the WD Red compatibility list (see link).

It could be interesting to know if they block the upgrade process

  • by checking the drive number model in the compatibility list, regardless its size
  • by comparing the disk size with the size been sold for the specific My Cloud Home Duo

Anyone ?