Expanding My Cloud Home Duo

Hi, I just bought a My Cloud Home Duo 4TB but now I’m thinking I should’ve probably gone with the 8 GB. Nevertheless, I don’t plan on returning it now that I’m setup and using it. Question is how easy is it to expand the storage when I need it? Can I replace the drives themselves? Can I attach a new drive of any type? any known issues?


you can change the HDDs to larger capacities. You would need to back up your data to another location then change both HDDs at the same time. this will create a new RAID 1 volume. Once that is done you can copy the data back to the new RAID 1 volume on the My Cloud Home.

The drives you should use a re WD RED HDD.

I replaced the drives inside mine and I’m getting a slow pulsing light which cycles every three seconds. Is this normal? It’s sat like this for a couple of hours.