Replacing hhd on my Cloud home duo

Morning all,
I’m expecting to buy a Home Duo for this Xmas, but I have one doubt that maybe someone can help me.
Is it possible to change, the internal hhd for a bigger one or I can only change for a new one with same size or I can’t change it.
For instance, if I buy the home duo of 8Tb, I guess it comes With 2 hhd of 4Tb each. Can I buy one hhd of 8Tb and replace one of them? In that way, I’ll have 4+8 =12Tb. Or it should be always 4Tb?
Thanks for your help

there is a youtube video showing how to replace a drive. i have a drive issue that just popped up and may try to upgrade to 2 6tb drives.

I would imagine like any other 2 disk nas type drive you need to replace with 2 matching drives of same size. Otherwise you’ll just end up with the lower sized capacity for both…

Increasing drive capacity - guess it’ll work, home probably has spec sheet stating max drive sizes, but would assume if they do a 16tb home, then buying 2x WD 8tb drives is a safe option…best guess!!

I also would like to know the answer to this question.

I would also appreciate getting the answer to is it possible to replace both drives at once? Will Home Duo still be usable after replacing both drives with larger ones at once?


would you be able to update us about the outcome? Thanks!

since MCH devices store their OS on the hard drives itself and not on an internal SSD (or memory), i am not so sure about it… but i would like to know the answer to that question too.

@WD Staff?

I chickened out on the larger drives but did order 2 red 3tb drives. They should come thursday. I did read about not showing correct numbers with larger drives. I also read about the software issue. I may experiment to see how it goes. If I have to I’ll replace b and let it do it’s thing then try to add a. I am computer literate but have no clue when it comes to using unix.

Ok, great. I appreciate the answer, thank you.
Would you be able to replace both drives at once (as a first step), just as a test to see if the drive will replicate the OS/Firmware and will the device will work if both drives are being replaced with larger ones?

Thank you once again.

I found another post that says the drives have to be done one at a time and the drives have to be the same size. I’m going to get this back up and running then start looking at an upgrade for a plex server with 6tb x 2.

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Yes, def replace one at a time, give it time to re sync the files and then switch off again and replace the second and then re sync again…

I found a YouTube video where a guy replace both drives at once and used wd tools from a pc to get running again. That was a mybook duo. Not sure what difference that makes. In his video he
swapped 2 tb red drives at once using his pc and WD drive tools. I will be swapping 2 3tb greens for new red drives.