Update to firmware 1.03.01


Hi, I have a WD HD TV second generation WDBABG0000NBK, with firmware 01.01.77 and for three years at malfunction (it is long, but do not see very often), I tried to update the software, following steps, but I do not appear in settings, update the icon to enter the USB.
I follow the steps in the link:


But does’t gives me the option to upgrade.

I tried looking for a similar thread but I have not found, my English is not good.

Help, thanks.


That firmware is not for your device. 1.01.77 is the latest for your device.


Then my device works really bad. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. When I add a movie to the hard drive ( I don’t  think it is hard drive problem, the latter is new and and above had exactly the same problems) stops playing the other movies, even those that worked correctly. Anything I can do to make it work properly? Thank you so much anyway.