Updating Firmware


  I am new to this site as I have just purchased a 1TB WD elements play. I cannot for the life of me work out how to upgrade the firmware on it. I have followed the instructions on the WD website but it doesnt seem to do anything once I have downloaded the upgrade and plugged in the elements play unit. Is there any other way I could get the firmware on it as I want to watch my movies on my TV but it will not work until i get the firmware upgraded.

Any help would be great


There is no newer firmware other than what your device shipped with.

What version is on it right now?  And which Model# did you buy?

Hi, I have got the WD Elements play 1TB mutimedia drive. I want to plug it in to my samsung HD TV but when I connect through a HDMI lead it is saying that it doesnt recognise it. Am I doing something wrong when trying to play direct through my TV? 

I’ll repeat my question.

Which MODEL # do you have?   There are MULTIPLE models for the “WD Elements Play 1TB.”  So that doesn’t tell me what you have.  The Serial Number label will tell you the model #.

You SHOULD be able to connect it directly to your TV via HDMI.

Hello Guys , I have ‘’ WD Elements Play 1TB SN: [deleted]- R/N: b8j ‘’ my question is simple when I am trying open m720p - m1080p or new generation rip movies player dont showing video or black screen and just sound playing my _ Current Firmware - 1.01.10 _ why I can’ t watch new new codec movies ? What need for my player ?