Unexpected shutdown after OS5 upgrade

After upgrade to OS5 mid November, I had now the 2nd unexpected shutdown of my WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra.

Does anybody know how to read the System Report created via support on the frontend?
Where in these report files, I can check the detailed error messages myself as well?
The last time I sent the ZIP to WD US support I finally received the info, that I should watch my system and they can’t identify any problem.

I will contact the support now again - update will be done here.

I never had shutdowns for the last 3 years I am operation the NAS.
So up to November I have been pretty convinced for the WD product. But THIS OS5 UPGRADE seems to cause a lot trouble and cost time - a lot of time.


@Joerg70 Have you opened a new case with support and attached your system logs?
What’s the case number?

No not yet.
No time. I created the zip file this morning.
I am not getting paid for maintaining the WD system, so I first have earn some money to be able to help WD in proceeding OS5 development.

I am a bit frustrated about WD. The time I spent would meanwhile be worth a professional NAS system.

I will lainch the case asap.


Just an update.
Within the last month again 2 shutdowns during the night - NAS not available in the morning.
Last reply (in December from WD Support/US) has been, that nothing can be found with the created system logs.

@Joerg70 what’s your support case number?