EX2 Ultra shutdown by itself every Wednesday night and won't come up!

At first it was just annoying, but now that I need to access the unit wile traveling, I reaally need to find a workaround.

According to the logs, what it seams to be happening is that the unit tries to update itself (even though auto update is turned off, I refuse to go to v5 for now), reboots and can’t turn on by itself. I need to pull the power cable out to restart it…every Wednesday morning…

I took a look at crontab over ssh, but couldn’t find any obvious script name that could be responsible for it.

Anyone have an idea how to stop this update procedure for good?

Any workaround is going to be a bit of a kluge and probably won’t do what you want. I see lots of posts on here bemoaning OS5 but, honestly, I’ve had no issues with my MyClouds and remote access has been far more reliable since the update.

Maaaannnnn I regret a lot buying this box! The amount of time I spent just to make it properly update the IPv6 to the DDNS server, I could have built my own NAS…and I can’t even install git on it…

There are still some people complaining about data loss, being unable to access it after update and I can’t confirm if Transmission is still unavailable. Overall, I see it fix some stuff but in general only takes away even more control from the user.