MyCloud EX2 Constantly Restarting


I have 2 MyCloud EX2. One works fine, however the other is restarting itself every 5 minutes or so. The power light flashes blue, all connectivity is dropped and the system uptime shows that it restarted. There are no other messages about a power failure though.

The unit eventually failed, the power light flashing orange and the Raid1 array constantly rebuilding. I copied the data off it, deleted and recreated the Raid1 array and installed the latest firmware, however it is still restarting.

Does anybody have any idea what may be causing this please?

Thanks in advance,


Overheating ? Have you tried the OS logs ?

Well I’ve traced the fault to the power supply, I swapped it with the one from my other EX2.

Judging by the number of Google results for these failing, they must be pretty poorly made.