My Cloud keeps restarting

I have a single bay My Cloud and it keeps restarting with the error “Power loss detected on port 1. Code: 1022”. Once it has restarted I can access the drive again for about 2 mins until it restarts again. I have done both a 4 sec reset and a 40 sec reset, neither worked. I am on the latest firmware 2.30.181

The lights never go out so I have a feeling it’s not really losing power. Would it be a problem with the power adapter?

This has been going on for about a week now and don’t know what to do.

I hope someone can help

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That’s my first suspicion.

The only reason I didn’t think it was the power adapter was because the lights never go out on the front of the drive. The lights just keeps going from flashing blue light whilst the drive is starting up and then solid blue whilst the drives stays on for a min or two then repeats.

Inability to provide adequate current for the HDD will cause brownouts, causing a reset. Fairly common fault with power supplies.

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Thanks. I think i will order a new power supply and hopefully that will sort it. Will let you know how i get on.

I have replaced the power adapter and the hard drive still keeps restarting due to power failure. Should I downgrade the firmware or is there anything else I should do.

I suspect you have a hardware failure, then. Power supply circuit on the motherboard. It is the single-bay MyCloud you have, right? Not a mirror, or other model?

I’d contact Support and ask what the error code means (they aren’t published). If you’re in warranty, you may be looking an an RMA.

Yes I only have the My Cloud the single bay one. Is it possible to remove the hard drive from the case and connect to computer via usb with a usb Dock? Also do you know how to get in contact with WD because I tried filling in the support form on their website and they never got back to me.

Beyond this, I can’t help. They do have telephone support lines; hit the ‘Contact Us’ in top right of this page:

me too, I try every way. so my cloud still restart. I don’t think that about power because blue led still light.